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General Reinsurance Tokyo – Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

General Reinsurance Tokyo – Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

We declare the following as a basic policy for the cut-off of relations with the anti-social forces and for the prevention of the damage caused by them.

  1. We do not perform any transactions with the anti-social forces, reject any unfair request by them, react against them as whole company and strive for elimination of them.

  2. We foster cooperative relationships with external expert organizations such as the police, the National Center for the Elimination of organized group of gangsters and lawyers, will take legal action in both civil and criminal proceedings against unreasonable demands made by anti-social forces.

  3. We will conduct neither funding the anti-social forces nor backstage deal with them, will immediately cancel the contracts or take the necessary measures in order to cancel them, in the case that we recognize either any transaction with anti-social forces or any such doubtful transaction.
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