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  • Another Bad Faith Auto Case - But Favorable to Insurers

    Von Tim Fletcher |April 15, 2019|English

    These days, it’s rare that court decisions involving bad faith are favorable toward insurers. However, the Georgia Supreme Court recently provided a bright spot in an area darkened by adverse legal developments for claims professionals. At issue...

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  • Spotlight on Commercial and Personal Auto

    Von Gary Ragusa and José González |November 20, 2018|English

    After several years of challenged results and rate responses, have Commercial and Personal Auto rates caught up with the trend? Industry loss ratios suggest that many carriers are still playing catch-up. With ultimate liability loss ratios above 70%...

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  • Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

    Von Bill Baumann |June 20, 2018|English

    As more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, there is a rising concern about the risk of people getting behind the wheel while high. Marijuana can slow reaction time, impair judgment and distance, and decrease coordination. After...

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  • Starts and Stops With Autonomous Driving in the U.S.

    Von Charlie Kingdollar|April 09, 2018|English

    Autonomous vehicles, both cars and trucks, are being tested in at least a dozen states across the U.S. Commercial use has already begun with autonomous tractor-trailers hauling cargo and rideshare firms transporting passengers in cars in several locations....

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  • Automated Driving - Impact on Loss Costs Until 2035

    Von Mathias N. Schubert (guest contributor)|March 23, 2018|English

    The effects of driver assistance and automated driving systems on road safety and accident loss costs are the subject of numerous and often speculative prognoses. For some, a massive reduction of road accidents and attendant loss costs is more or less...

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  • How to Avoid Florida’s Bad Faith Minefield

    Von Tim Fletcher |March 07, 2018|English

    It starts innocently enough - a seemingly routine “rear-ender” car accident that involves a policyholder wintering in Florida. The claimant driver of the other vehicle quickly seeks medical treatment and attorney representation. Then the...

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