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  • The Next Big Thing - Frontier Markets

    Von Oscar Edelsvärd |March 06, 2014|English

    Brazil, Russia, India, China (and subsequently South Africa) have been poster countries for rapid growth, progress and economic potential for over a decade. International insurance companies have opened branch offices in those countries and many national...

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  • How PRIME Movers Make the Most Out of Their Offsite Meetings

    Von Renate Kerpen|February 25, 2014|English

    Looking forward to your next annual management meeting? We met with a client recently who was anticipating his imminent “offsite” event. You could tell he was looking forward to it, but he was also wary of re-running the rather dry meetings...

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  • Predicting a New Toolkit for Claims Professionals

    Von Bill Lentz |January 22, 2014|English

    Predictive analytics techniques are widely used in the insurance industry today, usually for actuarial and underwriting purposes. Using analysis of patterns in past events to model future outcomes or behaviors has made huge strides, largely thanks to...

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  • How the Gen Re Perspective Can Add Value to Your Business

    Von Paul Wagner |January 06, 2014|English

    Many insurance companies enjoy long-term relationships with their reinsurer. This mutual commitment has many advantages to both parties, but one downside is the company can go for years without an independent view of its reinsurance program. I recently...

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  • Bringing Big Data Under Control

    Von Sabine Fahrig |December 18, 2013|English

    Big Data promises to make a huge difference to insurance companies in the context of marketing, underwriting and claims management. Today, capturing, storing and harnessing huge volumes of personal data on clients has become a priority, especially for...

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  • Enterprise Risk Management – Getting The Tone Right

    Von Janice Englesbe|November 07, 2013|English

    Recently, I was lucky to meet with Dr. Paul Walker, the Director of the Center of Excellence for Enterprise Risk Management at St. John’s University, New York City. We talked about how insurers can best implement enterprise risk management...

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