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  • EPLI - EEOC charges reach all-time high

    Von Mindy Pollack |May 16, 2012|English

    Every year the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission releases its discrimination charge statistics, which we view as a good barometer of emerging claim trends for employers. The 2011 numbers, like those in the preceding year, reached an all-time high....

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  • U.S. Individual Disability Income Market - Good news first…

    Von Drew King|May 12, 2012|English

    It finally looks as though there is some good news in the U.S. Individual Disability Income Market - some encouraging sales figures for 2011. According to our latest US Individual Disability Income Market Survey, there was a measurable increase in new...

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  • U.S. Group Life Business in Need Of Stimulus

    Von Drew King|April 28, 2012|English

    The U.S. Group Life insurance market remains a mixed bag, according to our latest market survey. While in-force premium appears to be holding up, new sales continue to struggle. Thirty-four companies, representing over $22.3 billion in Total Life and...

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  • Personal Injury Exposures - Nothing to LOL about

    Von Charlie Kingdollar |April 24, 2012|English

    How many insurers would have predicted 20 years ago that the Internet would create personal injury exposure for them? Yet with social media use growing exponentially, it’s increasingly clear that cyberspace is becoming a fertile environment for...

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  • Emerging Issues - Into the land of “known unknowns”

    Von Charlie Kingdollar |March 02, 2012|English

    It’s hard for insurers to get their arms around emerging risks: they come in so many different forms. All they have in common is little or no historical data with which underwriters can work with. However, by definition, emerging risks are already...

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  • Life, Death, Lapses and Loyalty

    Von Andres Webersinke |January 15, 2012|English

    Life insurance is different from most other products or services in that the purchaser is never going to “enjoy” its benefits. That’s because those benefits come with morbidity or mortality. Yet customer loyalty is important and insurers...

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