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  • P&C Insurance Analytics – What Drives Your Priorities?

    Von Upendra Belhe |April 12, 2018|English

    When we say the business environment for P&C insurance is changing at a rapid pace, no one seems surprised. But how are carriers responding to it? Data Analytics is the most accepted transformative force; there seems to be no doubt about that at...

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  • Starts and Stops With Autonomous Driving in the U.S.

    Von Charlie Kingdollar|April 09, 2018|English

    Autonomous vehicles, both cars and trucks, are being tested in at least a dozen states across the U.S. Commercial use has already begun with autonomous tractor-trailers hauling cargo and rideshare firms transporting passengers in cars in several locations....

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  • Paper Breaches Nearly Triple – 5 Tips to Reduce the Risk

    Von Sarah Turek|April 04, 2018|English

    Did you know that the number of data breaches involving paper records nearly tripled in 2017? In a world where companies strive to be paperless, a lot of paper still circulates out there. When these paper records are lost or mishandled, data breaches...

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  • Automated Driving - Impact on Loss Costs Until 2035

    Von Mathias N. Schubert (guest contributor)|March 23, 2018|English

    The effects of driver assistance and automated driving systems on road safety and accident loss costs are the subject of numerous and often speculative prognoses. For some, a massive reduction of road accidents and attendant loss costs is more or less...

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  • Genetics and Insurance - One Perspective on Future Directions

    Von Dr. John Chevers, PHG Foundation (guest contributor)|March 15, 2018|English

    Insurers understand better than most that predicting ill health is more about probability than certainty. The industry’s predictive expertise is developed from objective analysis of medical reports and claim histories. Underwriters never have...

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  • Assessing Elderly Heart Disease Risk

    Von Dr. John O'Brien |March 08, 2018|English | Deutsch

    The prevalence of cardiovascular disease - hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart failure or stroke - increases with age. Often, multiple cardiac conditions coexist with other illnesses, and this makes risk assessments for applicants aged 70 and...

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