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  • Going Deeper Into German Data Pools

    Von Karin Neelsen |January 29, 2014|English

    Gen Re maintains three data pools for the German Life/Health market covering mortality, disability and annuity sales. By monitoring these important life insurance products, we can uncover trends relating to morbidity, mortality and incidence rates as...

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  • Critical Illness Claims Adjudication

    Von Steve Rowley |June 12, 2013|English

    Critical Illness claim adjudication is an important part of the risk management process. As such, it is important to recognize the unique skills required to properly adjudicate a Critical Illness claim so that the insurer provides fairly the benefits...

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  • Life and Health Marketing - Boomers vs. Millenials

    Von Jeremy Starr|March 18, 2013|English

    In today’s insurance market, companies face a choice of markets to target. Do we service the baby boom generation’s needs for retirement income? How about long term care and other healthcare needs? Do we look to the "Gen Ys" or...

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  • Private Long Term Care Insurance - A new dawn in the East?

    Von Dirk Nieder |November 28, 2012|English

    Life expectancy in some Asian countries has increased between 30% and 75% in the last 50 years. As is illustrated in our latest publication, the longevity gap between countries like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore and western countries like the...

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