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  • A White Paper to Help Navigate the Gray Areas

    Von Mo Tooker|December 14, 2014|English

    As many of you know, earlier this year Gen Re embarked on a journey to uncover the role of biases in decision making, particularly where it relates to underwriting. We are pleased to share a white paper that discusses some of our findings and recommendations. This...

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  • Marketing to the Millennial Mindset [Presentation]

    Von Marissa Valente|December 09, 2014|English

    The Millennials, anyone born between 1980 and 2000, number 80 million in the U.S. and they represent a generation with massive insurance growth potential. While 60% say good health is the most important thing in life, 25% lack health insurance and only...

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  • Successful Innovation - What Does It Really Take?

    Von Tad Montross|December 02, 2014|English

    One sure sign of a softening market is the increased frequency in the use of the term innovation. Market chatter suggests that the insurance industry has to be more innovative to remain relevant, and some have recommended that insurers should “run...

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  • Trends to Watch in the Life & Health Insurance Industry

    Von Steve Woods |December 01, 2014|English

    This past year Gen Re held two events that brought together insurance leaders for education and discussion regarding Life and Health insurance market topics - the Advisory Council and the Gen Re Summit. During these forums, several themes emerged regarding...

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  • How To Make Experience Count for Something

    Von Mo Tooker|November 17, 2014|English

    I talked about "snap and stick behavior" in my last blog post: how the decision making process can be wrecked by participants not taking on board the multiple perspectives available to them. I also explained the way Gen Re’s people are...

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  • Identifying Millennials’ Attitudes and Behaviors [Infographic]

    Von Marissa Valente|November 11, 2014|English | Français

    Millennials are all around you and they're important to your business. Also known as Generation Y, millennials include anyone born roughly between 1980 and 2000. With 80 million members, this generation of young people is the largest in the history...

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