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CI Co-Marketing Series

December 14, 2014| Von Steve Rowley | Critical Illness | English

Region: U.S.

While interviewing agents for our upcoming “Critical Illness Producer Perspectives” series, one theme continued to emerge. Regardless of whether we were discussing individual, worksite, or group  coverage, producers found that the message resonated for consumers best when packaged or co-marketed with another product that had inherent “gaps.”
Leveraging the sale in this manner helps to illustrate the true value of Critical Illness insurance. The below blog series outlines just some of the many ways that CI can be used to strengthen an individuals’ financial security when sold as a complementary product.
Critical Illness insurance is a valuable product that complements these and other insurance products. Co-marketing these products provides greater protection for the consumer, creates additional revenue for the producer, and helps insurers to diversify their risk portfolio with a valued and much needed product.

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