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Let Critical Illness Insurance Sell Itself

February 29, 2016| Von Steve Rowley | Critical Illness | English

Region: North America

Over the past few years we have published a number of blog entries designed to explain what Critical Illness Insurance is and how to manage the risk, and even suggested numerous ideas for selling Critical Illness coverage. We’ve even met with producers who sell Critical Illness in order to learn what is and isn’t important to their customers.

Meanwhile, we continue to offer our experience and reach to help insurers, agents, and consumers understand the importance and value of this product. We collect data and examine news articles that provide insights into the risk and need for Critical Illness insurance. Many of these articles have been posted in our LinkedIn Critical Illness NEWS group so that members could stay on top of key issues in our industry.

Interestingly, the past few months of postings there by independent media outlets carry a theme that says to the consumer “Don’t just take it from your agent, listen to what others are saying.”

Why You Need Critical Illness Insurance - As Told Through Hyperlinks:

Critical Illness sales are growing faster than nearly any other insurance product. The reasons for this are many, but clearly one of the drivers for demand would be increased health insurance pressures caused by more employers moving to high deductible health plans (HDHPs) and employees acting to plug the gaps in their health coverage.

Consumers are beginning to understand that, unlike their parents or grandparents, they are more likely to survive a Critical Illness than they are to die from it. Many lack the financial resources to handle the high cost of surviving Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, or another Critical Illness. Many will face crushing medical debt, some will deplete their retirement savings, and still others will be driven into medical bankruptcy as a result. For those who do understand that survival entails a price, Critical Illness insurance is a great alternative to their most pressing concerns.

These excerpts abound in news articles each day, showing why Critical Illness insurance is gaining popularity in the United States and how the very real and pressing need for this coverage will benefit you as well as your customers. If you utilize these statements as third-party endorsements, Critical Insurance may seem to sell itself.



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