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  • Underwriting Clinical Trials Insurance

    Von Alexander Eistert | Mar 28, 2017 | English

    The latest clinical trial that clearly went wrong, and had a catastrophic result for participants, took place in early 2016 in France. A drug test concerning pain relief, it resulted in one fatality and five hospital admissions with severe adverse effects...

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  • The Risk of Addiction With Sedative Prescriptions

    Von Chris Ball | Aug 21, 2016 | English

    In an earlier blog I outlined the health threat and addiction potential from non-prescription use of opioid painkillers. However, the problems do not stop with this class of drug. Sedative and hypnotic drugs also pose significant risk of physical and...

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  • Psychoactive Substance Abuse – The Lowdown on Legal Highs

    Von Ross Campbell | Jul 04, 2016 | English

    “Legal high” sounds harmless. Individuals can alter their state of mind in many ways without breaking the law – drinking alcohol, for example. The mind-altering properties of certain naturally occurring plants and mushrooms are well known. Some individuals...

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  • Wrecked in a Mist of Opium – The Effects of Prescription Opioid Abuse

    Von Chris Ball | Jun 12, 2016 | English

    The English author and cultural critic Matthew Arnold described fellow poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge as a “philosopher wrecked in a mist of opium.” Using laudanum (a tincture of opium) to treat various ailments led Coleridge to lifelong addiction. Although...

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