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    Property/Casualty North America(1)

2016 Annual Review

Die Broschüre enthält einen Brief von Kara Raiguel, President und CEO der General Re Corporation, einen Auszug aus dem Konzernabschluss, Neuigkeiten von Mitarbeitern der Gen Re weltweit sowie eine Vorstellung unseres Führungsteams.

Empfohlene Inhalte
  • Antibiotic Resistance - Taking the Sting Out With Honey

    Von Ross Campbell | Jun 06, 2017 | English

    Bacterial infection is fast becoming resistant to treatment with antibiotics - faster, that is, than new drugs can be developed. This makes it harder to treat infection caused by injury, surgery or even a suppressed immune system as a result of chemotherapy...

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  • Underwriting Clinical Trials Insurance

    Von Alexander Eistert | Mar 28, 2017 | English

    The latest clinical trial that clearly went wrong, and had a catastrophic result for participants, took place in early 2016 in France. A drug test concerning pain relief, it resulted in one fatality and five hospital admissions with severe adverse effects...

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  • The Risk of Addiction With Sedative Prescriptions

    Von Chris Ball | Aug 21, 2016 | English

    In an earlier blog I outlined the health threat and addiction potential from non-prescription use of opioid painkillers. However, the problems do not stop with this class of drug. Sedative and hypnotic drugs also pose significant risk of physical and...

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  • Psychoactive Substance Abuse – The Lowdown on Legal Highs

    Von Ross Campbell | Jul 04, 2016 | English

    “Legal high” sounds harmless. Individuals can alter their state of mind in many ways without breaking the law – drinking alcohol, for example. The mind-altering properties of certain naturally occurring plants and mushrooms are well known. Some individuals...

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