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  • Lack of Interest - An Australian Disability? [Video]

    Von Dr. Winfried Heinen|August 28, 2014|English

    The Australian Disability Insurance market has found itself in a precarious position in recent years. Ever since the effects of the global economic crisis began to take hold in 2010, both insurers and reinsurers have been affected, with reported losses...

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  • The Going Gets Tough in the Individual Disability Market

    Von Lisa Bolduc |June 27, 2014|English

    On face value the Individual Disability insurance market had a positive year in 2013, with new sales premium growth of 1.5% and policy growth of 2.5%. But dig deeper into Gen Re’s recently released 2013 U.S. Individual Disability Market Survey...

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  • Group Disability and Term Life Survey - First the Good News

    Von Marcy Updike|June 04, 2014|English

    There were many encouraging results to report in this year’s U.S. Group Disability and Group Term Life Market Survey. After all, each of the products - LTD, STD and Life - saw positive growth in sales and in-force premium. This hasn't always...

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  • Going Deeper Into German Data Pools

    Von Karin Brendel|January 29, 2014|English

    Gen Re maintains three data pools for the German Life/Health market covering mortality, disability and annuity sales. By monitoring these important life insurance products, we can uncover trends relating to morbidity, mortality and incidence rates as...

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  • Thoughts on Group Insurance - A New Year's Resolution

    Von Drew King|January 24, 2014|English

    Readers of this blog have probably noticed a recurring theme when I write about the challenges facing the group insurance industry: Most (but not all) group insurance companies have very little data about the individuals covered by their plans. They...

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  • Time To Take a Reality Check on LTD Pricing

    Von Jena Breece |January 16, 2014|English

    Pricing long term disability (LTD) policies is complex enough, what with projecting incidence rates and claim termination rates, as well as Social Security and other offsets. But another increasingly crucial factor gets less attention - pricing for...

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