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  • The Crucial Role of Reinsurance in Solvency II

    Von Ralf Quick |September 25, 2014|English | Español

    No insurer in Europe can escape the grasp of the Solvency II project. A European Union directive, it is intended to make sure that insurance companies have sufficient capital set aside to cover all the claims they are likely to receive at a given risk...

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  • Let’s Not Underestimate The Human Element in Underwriting

    Von Mo Tooker|September 22, 2014|English

    As modern risk professionals, we pride ourselves on making decisions that are informed by granular risk data, actuarial analysis and complex computer models. Yet, we have discovered that these quantitative elements unfortunately represent only half...

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  • Big Data, Little Data and Decision Analytics

    Von Steve Mannik|September 21, 2014|English

    How big is Big Data? Is it Gigabytes? Terabytes? Petabytes? At Gen Re, we don't think data size matters as much as what you do with it. In the right hands and with the right tools, Decision Analytics can create powerful business applications for both...

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  • Good Prognosis for Critical Illness Insurance Market - Survey

    Von Steve Rowley|September 16, 2014|English

    The critical illness insurance sector is in good health. That sounds like a contradiction in terms; in fact it’s the conclusion of our 13th annual Critical Illness Insurance Market Survey undertaken by Gen Re in conjunction with the National Association...

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  • New Cyber Option for BOP Writers - ISO Has Endorsements

    Von Mindy Pollack |September 15, 2014|English

    Insurers that focus on the SME segment - small to medium enterprises - are finding more options for delivering data breach solutions to their customers. ISO just joined the ranks with its filing of Cyber Insurance Endorsements for BOP carriers. The...

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  • How To Take a Nuanced Approach to Technology Risks

    Von Peter Hakenen |September 11, 2014|English

    Not all technology risks are the same, and the range of fire hazards within the tech sector’s occupancy groups is as wide as the underwriting considerations. Some manufacturing processes can be quite hazardous, while others are more innocuous. Differentiating...

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