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  • Emerging Markets - Look Before You Leap

    Von Mo Tooker|June 26, 2014|English

    From the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) to the MINTs (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey), the world’s emerging economies look very attractive to insurers and reinsurers today. Compared to the big mature markets, insurance growth in these...

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  • The Fac Files - 4 Concrete Facultative Strategies for an Awesome 7/1

    Von Tim Dunn |June 21, 2014|English

    Allergy medications, air conditioners rumbling to life and school buses slowly evaporating off the roads can only mean one thing: The 7/1 season is in full swing. It’s important to remember that amidst the flurry of activities, Fac can be a great...

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  • Life Benefit Riders – Get on Track

    Von Joe Atamaniuk |June 19, 2014|English

    Living benefit riders, or accelerated death benefit riders (ABR), have been around the life insurance arena for many years, but as the industry looks for ways to attract new customers, their use has intensified recently. There are three different kinds...

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  • How Our Expertise in Emerging Markets Can Benefit Your Business

    Von Capitolina Tourbina|June 17, 2014|English

    Doing business in emerging markets comes with a multitude of challenges. However, for those companies capable of identifying a need for something different, or better, rewards can be significant. Motor Own Damage (MOD) insurance in Russia is a great...

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  • Critical Illness As a Supplement to Long Term Care

    Von Steve Rowley|June 14, 2014|English

    Long Term Care (LTC) insurance has been one of the most problematic insurance products for insurers. In recent years they have lost tens, and sometimes hundreds, of millions of dollars on this product. Many insurers have exited the market and nearly...

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  • Why Is Valuation Such a Problem on Property Policies?

    Von Geoff Piggot|June 12, 2014|English

    A striking feature of property claims, in all the markets in which Gen Re operates, is the number of claims that involve policies with inadequate policy limits. Potentially, this leads to the application of co-insurance/average, possibly a disputed...

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