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  • The Hidden Costs of Cancer - A Wake-Up Call for Life/Health Insurers in the UK [Infographic]

    Von Adele Groyer |May 07, 2014|English

    An increase in cancer diagnosis among working men and women indicates more people are suffering not only from cancer but a loss of income, either temporarily or permanently. Without an income replacement vehicle, many will not be able to cover normal...

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  • Critical Illness As a Supplement to Life Insurance

    Von Steve Rowley|April 15, 2014|English

    Dr. Marius Barnard, the father of Critical Illness insurance, is often quoted as having said that people need Critical Illness insurance “Not because you are going to die, but because you are going to survive!” That statement is becoming...

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  • Critical Illness As a Supplement to Medical Coverage

    Von Steve Rowley|March 27, 2014|English

    Which form of insurance is the most important? Few would argue that comprehensive Medical Expense insurance is at, or at least near, the top of the list. Without this coverage, millions of individuals would be financially devastated by the high cost...

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  • Critical Illness As a Supplement to Disability

    Von Steve Rowley|February 16, 2014|English

    Only two things are needed to successfully sell any insurance product. The first is a belief in the product itself: A deep belief that you are doing a disservice to the community if you don't get the word out about the importance and necessity of the...

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  • Critical Illness Experience Studies

    Von Steve Rowley|December 21, 2013|English

    Once an insurance product is developed and sold, the next challenge is maintaining profitability while remaining competitive and relevant to the needs of the market. As a comparative newcomer to the U.S. life insurance industry, Critical Illness products...

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  • Individual Critical Illness Application Development

    Von Steve Rowley|November 04, 2013|English

    An application for insurance is one of the most critical risk management tools available to an insurer. In the case of Critical Illness insurance, it is sometimes the only tool available for risk selection and usually the only document incorporated...

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