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  • Taking the Brakes Off Mexico’s MTPL Market

    Von José Luis Campos|April 21, 2015|English

    In September last year mandatory motor third-party liability (MTPL) insurance was introduced for private vehicles using Mexico’s federal roads. But surprisingly, the landmark legal move has not yet driven up policy purchases; MTPL penetration...

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  • Casualty Underwriting - What’s Down the Line

    Von Liz Kramer|April 09, 2015|English

    In my last blog I discussed the state of the casualty market today and some of the more difficult classes to watch. But what about tomorrow? Casualty managers know one must anticipate what’s down the line in order to stay on top of trends and...

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  • Laying the Foundations for Effective Nano Risk Management [Video]

    Von Richard Wieczorek |March 26, 2015|English | Français

    Nanomaterials have fast become a fact of life for all kinds of businesses. Today, they are used widely in manufacturing processes with their properties exploited for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and clothing. They’re even used extensively...

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  • Claim Costs - How to Keep Control of Your Defense Dollars

    Von Paul Ruiz|February 05, 2015|English

    The increasing cost of defending cases in litigation is a concern for all casualty companies. The reasons are varied and may be related to upward claim severity trends, and more aggressive plaintiff attorneys. Whatever the cause of rising litigation...

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  • Compensating the Victims of the Paris Terror Attacks

    Von Jean-Pierre Mlynarczyk|January 29, 2015|English

    France is still recovering from its worst terrorist episode in decades, following two deadly attacks by extremists in the capital. Twelve people were massacred at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on 7 January 2015. The next day a...

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  • Latin America - A Framework for Growth

    Von Joaquin Orejas |January 22, 2015|English

    The Latin American insurance market has grown at an average annual rate of 17% over the last 10 years, from around USD42 billion to USD167 billion. Yet Latin America still accounts for only 4% of global insurance premium, well short of the region’s...

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