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  • Multilife Critical Illness Underwriting

    Von Steve Rowley|February 13, 2013|English

    Multilife CI underwriting in the U.S. currently presents some greater challenges than are present in other lines of voluntary worksite/group business. Critical Illness, as the proverbial “new kid on the block,” is not well understood by...

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  • How to Get Better at Critical Illness Pricing

    Von Adele Groyer |January 17, 2013|English

    Critical illness policies in the UK commonly use definitions that are based purely on the fact of a diagnosis, rather than the severity of the diagnosis. It means that advances made in diagnostic methods can influence claims rates, as well as actual...

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  • Individual Critical Illness Underwriting

    Von Steve Rowley|January 09, 2013|English

    Even for experienced life underwriters, Critical Illness (CI) underwriting offers a unique challenge. Michelle O’Neil, Assistant Vice President and CI Underwriter, has put together the following overview outlining some of the ways that CI risk...

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  • Critical Illness Pricing 101

    Von Steve Rowley|December 04, 2012|English

    In our prior Critical Illness blog entry we discussed some of the important factors to consider when developing a Critical Illness (CI) insurance product. For this blog entry I’ve worked closely with Cyriac Kottoor, our CI pricing actuary, to...

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  • Critical Illness Insurance - Benefit Eligibility Selection

    Von Steve Rowley|October 08, 2012|English

    When developing a Critical Illness insurance product, many important decisions must be made. Unlike other forms of insurance, Critical Illness insurance is unique in that insurers must decide which conditions to cover when developing their product....

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  • Developing a Critical Illness Product

    Von Steve Rowley|September 14, 2012|English

    Once a company has made the decision either to enter the growing Critical Illness insurance market or to revise its existing Critical Illness product offerings, the time is right to begin the difficult process of deciding which benefits and product...

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