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  • New Cyber Option for BOP Writers - ISO Has Endorsements

    Von Mindy Pollack |September 15, 2014|English

    Insurers that focus on the SME segment - small to medium enterprises - are finding more options for delivering data breach solutions to their customers. ISO just joined the ranks with its filing of Cyber Insurance Endorsements for BOP carriers. The...

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  • Freight Trains - Are They Safe?

    Von Bill Baumann |August 21, 2014|English

    According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there has been a significant increase in freight train derailments in the U.S. and Canada involving trains carrying crude oil and ethanol. This provides an opportunity to discuss both the tank cars...

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  • Getting to Grips With Food Safety - China Gets a Taste for Liability Insurance

    Von Frank Wang |July 31, 2014|English

    China is amending its Food Safety Law, a move that has big implications for the food industry worldwide - and for insurers. As drafted, the amendment to the law - which is a response to the ever-increasing number of challenges arising from food safety...

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  • Construction Contractors Build Momentum Again

    Von Jim McMahon|July 15, 2014|English

    Construction contractors are a growth business again in North America. The growth is being driven primarily by the private sector; through May 2014 office was up by 25%, commercial up 21% and residential up 17%....

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  • Decisions, Decisions – Keeping Casualty Carriers Clued In

    Von Craig Beardsley |July 10, 2014|English

    From sexual molestation to social host, ridesharing, dog bites and even backyard zip lining, our most recent Casualty Matters examined a range of important court cases that could be relevant to personal and commercial lines underwriters. Take the Pennsylvania...

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  • Drones: Peek-A-Boo

    Von Charlie Kingdollar|July 09, 2014|English

    A recent incident involving a small drone provides an opportunity to discuss some of the potential insurance coverage implications of burgeoning commercial drone use. In this specific incident, a realtor was using a drone to take pictures of what the...

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