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  • Searching for Cyber Exposure in Your Insurance Policies - There’s More Than You Might Think [Whitepaper]

    Von Mindy Pollack|September 13, 2016|English

    Do you know where your Cyber exposure is? It’s actually a hard question for insurance carriers to answer, whether they underwrite specialist cyber policies or not. However, it’s a question that’s being asked more often than ever by...

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  • Are You Unknowingly Covering Cyber Liability?

    Von Matt Burns |June 29, 2016|English

    Cyber risk is constantly in the headlines these days, with one big corporation after another left reeling from a data breach. But it’s not only the iconic brands that are victims of data loss and class action lawsuits: small to midsize risks are...

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  • More Laws Drive Demand for Cyber Insurance

    Von Mindy Pollack|December 28, 2015|English

    Connecticut made cyber insurance news in 2015 when its legislature passed the broadest law in the country, requiring businesses to offer customers ID theft and loss mitigation services after a breach. Businesses already had to investigate and notify...

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  • Elements of a Cybersecurity Program

    Von John Connors|December 15, 2015|English

    The New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) released a cybersecurity questionnaire and the resulting report issued in February 2015 provided a useful snapshot of large insurance companies’ approach to cybersecurity. As a reinsurer, Gen...

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  • Cybersecurity Getting Tougher for U.S. Insurers

    Von Andrew Gifford |November 16, 2015|English

    Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most critical issues facing government and industry alike. Press headlines highlight major cybersecurity events involving a wide range of businesses almost every day. The cyber events are sparking conversations...

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  • Small Businesses Are Data Breach Victims, Too

    Von Mindy Pollack|September 27, 2015|English

    Did you know that a pizzeria in Maine fell victim to the same type of point-of-sale cyber attacks that are targeting big name retailers? I visited the restaurant while in the area to discuss Cyber Insurance at a Maine CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty...

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