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  • Home-Sharing Risks in the Age of Airbnb

    Von Christine Unger |February 28, 2017|English

    The meteoric rise of Airbnb is the most obvious sign of the growth in U.S. home-sharing. According to Pew Research, 11% of all U.S. adults have used home-sharing services and it’s estimated that there are now over half a million Airbnb listings...

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  • A Fragile Infrastructure: The Oroville Dam

    Von Martha Flanagan|February 15, 2017|English

    Tim Pappas, co-leader of our Flood team, recently blogged about this exact issue, providing valuable information for underwriters. In light of current events in Northern California, it's worth rereading now. The nation's tallest dam, the Oroville Dam...

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  • Texas Flooding

    Von Tedra Skelton and Maeve Sears |January 19, 2017|English

    “Texas is the land of perennial drought, broken by the occasional devastating flood” said a National Weather Service Meteorologist in 1927.1 Texas flooding is not a new phenomenon, but some could argue that devastating floods aren’t...

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  • Engineered Wood – A Burning Issue for Insurers?

    Von Leo Ronken |January 16, 2017|English

    Wood-based buildings and high-rises are increasingly common around the world. People are even talking about engineered wood becoming the world’s predominant construction material. But insurers need to be aware of the potential downside risks...

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  • Go The Extra Mile with Fac

    Von Mike Downes|December 20, 2016|English

    Facultative reinsurance: not exactly a household term, is it? Yet it’s possibly one of the most valuable and underutilized tools in an insurer's arsenal. The common misconception that if Fac is needed the deal isn’t worth writing fails to...

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  • Ongoing Drought Conditions Increase Wildfire Risk In The Southeast

    Von Chris Beston|November 16, 2016|English

    When we think of wildfires in the U.S., we typically associate them with the western states during the hot and dry summer months. But the reality is that wildfires happen all across our country and they are not limited to a specific time period. The...

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