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  • Farm Pollution Exposures: A New Crop of Claims [Infographic]

    Von Charlie Kingdollar|April 06, 2014|English

    There is a new trend in pollution exclusion litigation arising from traditional environmental events; these claims are characterized by more benign, yet bothersome, scenarios and materials. In the farm context, the new crop of claims involves the spreading...

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  • What Are Your Options To Reinsure Your Umbrella Business? [Presentation]

    Von Brooke Cote|March 25, 2014|English

    What's the right reinsurance strategy for umbrella exposures – per policy or per occurrence? There's no stock answer to that question. Identifying the best treaty solution really depends on your own unique book of business as well as your risk...

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  • 6 Ways to Manage Volatility and Grow

    Von Brooke Cote|March 19, 2014|English

    A predominantly personal lines insurance company was interested in expanding its commercial book of business. When making such an expansion, many personal lines-dominant carriers tend to apply to commercial business the same types of underwriting, pricing...

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  • An Insured Posts Defamatory Remarks on the Internet. What's the Biggest Verdict You Would Expect?

    Von Charlie Kingdollar|February 11, 2014|English

    In past publications I’ve discussed how electronic communications have changed Personal Injury exposure coverage that is available under Homeowners and Personal Umbrella policies as well as provided under Commercial General Liability (CGL), General...

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  • Predicting a New Toolkit for Claims Professionals

    Von Bill Lentz |January 22, 2014|English

    Predictive analytics techniques are widely used in the insurance industry today, usually for actuarial and underwriting purposes. Using analysis of patterns in past events to model future outcomes or behaviors has made huge strides, largely thanks to...

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  • Emerging Issues Hit Home [Presentation]

    Von Mindy Pollack|January 06, 2014|English

    When technology and privacy expectations clash, the result is more claims - and this emerging trend hits home in the habitational risk arena. Cameras installed for tenant safety may invade their privacy. Personal information maintained for tenant screening...

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