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  • Critical Illness As a Supplement to Accident

    Von Steve Rowley|October 19, 2014|English

    One of the more popular forms of supplemental insurance today is Accident insurance. Purchasers understand that, even with underlying health insurance, they will often be exposed to large out-of-pocket expenses after such common medical issues as sprains,...

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  • Time To Get to Grips With ORSA

    Von Janice Englesbe|October 16, 2014|English

    The effective date of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) Risk Management and ORSA model Act, January 1, 2015, is getting closer. As the name suggests, the Own Risk Solvency Assessment (ORSA) is an internal process whereby...

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  • There’s No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk - But What About Spilled Wine?

    Von Stephen Byrne |October 14, 2014|English

    If you’re a winery owner in California, you probably felt like a good cry after the recent Southern Napa Valley earthquake. The same might be true for underwriters with clients in the winery business, some of whom are still counting their losses. On...

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  • MMA – Why Underwriters Need To Keep Their Guards Up

    Von Ann Marie Dooley|October 12, 2014|English

    Life insurance underwriters encounter all kinds of risks across the scope of human activity. Professional sports, especially contact sports, present some interesting challenges. But Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a fast growing competitive sport, is something...

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  • Exploring the Subconscious and Habits: This Is Insurance, Right?

    Von Mo Tooker|October 09, 2014|English

    As I shared in my earlier introductory blog, Gen Re is on a journey to explore the influence of biases in the decision making process, especially where it relates to underwriting. Like you, I’m an insurance decision maker - I’m not a neuroscientist....

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  • Changing Perspectives - Living and Working With Schizophrenia

    Von Dr. Chris Ball |October 08, 2014|English

    World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October each year. With this year's theme of living a healthy life with schizophrenia, the aim is to foster positive attitudes towards this illness and highlight the success of person-centered treatment that...

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