CI Producer Perspectives: What Do You Consider the Most Important Selling Feature of a Critical Illness Policy? [Video]

April 15, 2015| Von Steve Rowley | Critical Illness | English

Region: U.S.

When Dr. Marius Barnard developed the world’s first Critical Illness policy in South Africa in 1983, he envisioned a simple and easy to understand product. It paid a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, cancer or coronary artery surgery. 

Since that point, the product has grown and evolved to include a greater number of benefit eligibility triggers, partial benefits, multiple payout schemes and countless other optional benefits. 

As part of our Critical Illness Producer Perspectives series, we have asked producers what features they consider most important when selling Critical Illness insurance.

In this video, see what policy features are important to the experienced Critical Illness insurance producers we’ve interviewed.


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