Andre Meyer

Life/Health Claims Specialist, Cologne

Andre Meyer uses his extensive expertise in claims management to solve IT and process issues. He supports technical workflow analyses and delivers individual solutions for performance management processes, from performance requests to claims data analyses.

  • Analyse visuelle : voir, c’est croire

    Von Andre Meyer |Oct 07, 2020|Français

    « Le but de l’informatique est la compréhension, non les chiffres. » Ces mots du mathématicien Richard W. Hamming résonnent encore aujourd’hui, car les défis liés à la compréhension et à l’analyse de quantités massives de données ont pris une ampleur...

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  • Analítica visual: ver es creer

    Von Andre Meyer |Sep 02, 2020|Español

    «El propósito de la computación es la comprensión, no los números». Esta cita del matemático Richard W. Hamming resuena actualmente con fuerza, ya que los problemas derivados de la comprensión y el análisis de cantidades ingentes de datos han aumentado...

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  • Visual Analytics - Seeing Is Believing

    Von Andre Meyer |Jun 10, 2020|English

    “The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers.” This quote from the mathematician Richard W. Hamming resonates today because the challenges around understanding and analysing huge amounts of data have grown significantly over the last few years. Even...

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  • Claims Focus 2019, No. 2

    Ausgabe: Dec 31, 2019|English

    Tool for the Times – Art and Smart of Claims Triaging / How Does Advanced Analytics Work in the Claims World? / Visual Analytics – The Purpose of Computing Is Insight, Not Numbers / Digitalisation & Co. – Comments on Further Training Processes in Claims...

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