John Connors

Chief Information & Operations Officer, Stamford

John Connors is Gen Re's Chief Information & Operations Officer. He is based in the Stamford headquarters.

  • 在家办公?别让网络罪犯趁虚而入

    Von John Connors |Apr 22, 2020|Chinese

    由于全球众多公司都推荐家庭工作的运营模式,或已完全关闭办公室,因此在大多数公司里,在家工作的人数比以往任何时候都要多。那些没有或拥有较少在家工作经验的员工正在学习新的工作方式来保持工作效率、信息顺畅并与同事和客户维持联系。遗憾的是,网络犯罪分子也并未罢手,针对和利用我们想要保持联系并了解关于新型冠状病毒疫情情势的愿望,不断寻找新的漏洞。与其他金融服务公司一样,保险公司也受到了密集的攻击。 随着大流行病消息的传播,网络犯罪分子在短时间内通过邮件发送了大量钓鱼信息与勒索病毒软件,并想方设法企图窃取信息和破坏公司。在家工作意味着IT部门必须被迫紧急放宽限制,...

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  • Working From Home? Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Break In

    Von John Connors |Apr 16, 2020|English

    As companies around the world operate on a recommended work-from-home basis, or with their offices closed entirely, most organizations have more people working at home than at any time in their histories. People with limited to no work-from-home experience...

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  • Elements of a Cybersecurity Program

    Von John Connors |Dec 15, 2015|English

    The New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) released a cybersecurity questionnaire and the resulting report issued in February 2015 provided a useful snapshot of large insurance companies’ approach to cybersecurity. As a reinsurer, Gen Re was...

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