Digital Dialogues Episode 2: The Mecosystem - Customers in the Driving Seat [Podcast]

December 06, 2018| Von Ross Campbell | L/H General Industry | English

Last week we launched Digital Dialogues, our new podcast series presenting insights gleaned from more than 100 conversations with industry leaders, consultants, innovators, futurists, digital specialists and academics on the future of insurance.

The first episode set the scene as one of global disruption - not just within the life and health insurance sector, but across society as a whole and discussed how many of the ways we do things are under reconstruction and changing radically.

This time the focus is on putting the customer at the centre. It's about financial services coming to consumers in ways that let them engage with products and processes on their own terms.

Since individuals will own their data why can't they also create their own products? If this possibility represents the new customer engagement is the industry prepared?

With special thanks to our experts for their insight: Charles Rupare, Alex Scandurra, Dave Duarte, Arian Lewis, Zia Zaman, Jerry Toher, Morne Mostert, Jaco Oosthuizen, Alex Koslowski, Catriona Wallace, Nicolaas Kruger, Jan Schoombee and Katryna Dow.

For further episodes in the series and to start your own dialogue with us on the opportunities presented by digital, visit the Digital Dialogues homepage.


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