Farm Pollution Exposures: A New Crop of Claims [Infographic]

April 06, 2014| Von Charlie Kingdollar | Commercial Umbrella, General Liability, Personal Umbrella, Property | English

Region: North America

There is a new trend in pollution exclusion litigation arising from traditional environmental events; these claims are characterized by more benign, yet bothersome, scenarios and materials. In the farm context, the new crop of claims involves the spreading of manure as fertilizer. When the odors affect nearby residents or rain causes runoff into neighborhood wells and streams, does the absolute pollution exclusion apply?

The infographic below is based on our recent edition of Insurance Issues, where we examine recent rulings from Illinois and Wisconsin that find coverage, as well as divergent decisions from other states. The stats depict the need for insurers to monitor developments and review underwriting guidelines to ensure they address evolving agricultural risks.


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