How PRIME Movers Make the Most Out of Their Offsite Meetings

February 25, 2014| Von Renate Kerpen | P/C General Industry | English

Looking forward to your next annual management meeting? We met with a client recently who was anticipating his imminent “offsite” event. You could tell he was looking forward to it, but he was also wary of re-running the rather dry meetings of prior years. He was keen to turn the next offsite into something stimulating, useful and, at the same time, forward-looking.

So we suggested PRIME – our computer-assisted management exercise that’s designed to acquaint players with the decision-making processes involved in running an insurance company.

PRIME simulates a uniquely competitive environment whereby teams of participants are given the same starting book of business. Over the course of the exercise, they’re tasked with making decisions to do with underwriting, staffing, financial and reinsurance for their fictional company.

Our client agreed that PRIME could be an excellent way to spice up the get-together and, having discussed our needs to run the game, a date was set.

On that day, two Gen Re colleagues and I joined 20 top executives from the client's company and spent an absorbing and intense day together in PRIME country. Managers from different departments pooled their perspectives, putting everything from broker commissions to pricing and policy limits into the mix as they tried to come up with winning strategies for their team.

It’s amazing how productive such role playing can be. As each of the four rounds unfolded, updated financial and management reports were distributed and results reviewed. New bonds between participants were formed and existing connections strengthened, conversations spilling over to the real-life work discussions held during the PRIME breaks.

All the participants immediately told us how much they enjoyed the day and what a refreshing change it had been from their previous offsites.

We were particularly gratified to hear at a later meeting about the different positive experiences participants took back to the office with them. New insights into other departments’ and colleagues’ motivations had improved communication and smoothed cooperation between colleagues. It seems that PRIME had changed and animated interaction in new ways, beyond people’s expectations.

Call us to find out how the PRIME experience can add a new dimension to your next offsite - and benefit your business.


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