Are You Minding the Gaps in Your Medigap Strategy?

March 29, 2017| Von Stacy Varney | Medicare Supplement | English

Region: North America

The insurance industry as a whole is facing significant change and innovation from new players. Market disruptors are providing leading-edge technology solutions that can accelerate and enhance the customer experience. Speed-to-market with lower cost products is a key objective of these companies.

You may think that these start-ups are interesting, and that they wouldn’t be focused, for example, on insurance lines beyond auto, or life insurance targeted at millennials. However, you’d be wrong. Like you, these companies see significant growth opportunities to expand their product portfolio with insurance products that address gaps in coverage. In fact, they’re now focusing on the Medicare market and are ready to bring new solutions geared to beating the established market players.

Here are several questions your organization should consider as you seek to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving market.

If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, then you should consider to whom you’ll turn for help so you don’t succumb to existing and fresh competitive pressures. Any gaps in your Medigap strategy can be costly.

For the last year, we’ve been writing about how to get into and be successful in the Medigap market. We hope our insights into this tremendous growth market have proven valuable to you.

With experience spanning two decades, we’re here to help new and current players alike who wish to compete - and win - in the Medigap market. Contact us so we can assist you in identifying and addressing your gaps.

White Paper: Mind the Medigap Opportunity. Learn how insurers can succeed with the Senior Market and grow their business with Medigap.


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