Suicide: Time To Turn Back the Tide [Infographic]

September 09, 2014| Von Sara Goldberg | L/H General Industry, Life | English

It always comes as a shock when we hear about a suicide. Think about the response to the actor Robin Williams' death recently.

Yet, as we will be hearing on World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10), suicide is far from unusual. On a global level suicide rates remain stubbornly high and in some countries are even increasing.

That is in part due to the lack of awareness of serious depressive illness, especially when coupled with existing social and cultural stigma, preventing open discussion of suicide’s causes and impact.

But suicide is a complicated issue with multiple drivers. The infographic below provides an overview of the key risk factors alongside some positive steps insurers can take to support suicide prevention.

For further information on international trends in suicide and how insurers are responding, read my article.


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