The Fac Files - Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus

January 08, 2014| Von Tim Dunn | General Liability | English

Region: U.S.

The holidays have come and gone, and my gift to you is a blog post that does NOT discuss Fac terminology or loss examples. 

‘Twas the week after New Year and all through the land
Those holiday parties were way out of hand.

The agents, the brokers, the homes and the schools -
They clearly don’t understand all of the rules.

A million accounts, then a million and one,
Each needs to be quoted, and issued, and done.

Then quoted again, and just for good measure,
Revised a third time, for some CFO’s pleasure. 

And that’s before planning another year’s budget.
How will we find the best way we can fudge it?

Another year’s gone with a new one to start,
And in planning our growth, there is one missing part.

So I sought the advice of that jolly old elf,
“His thoughts sure to help,” I said to myself.

His smile was warm, his eyes blue as steel
With a belly as round as a pro-rata wheel.

A bundle of gifts he shared with a grin -
THREE presents to help me this year to begin.

The first was a riddle on how best to grow
In classes or lines like a field white as snow.

No footprints made we in such fields so pristine,
Thus guidance and hedging upon which we’d lean.

But before I could answer, he winked with a smile,
And tossed me one more from the top of the pile.

His next thoughtful gift was a way to get knowledge,
Not quite the same kind that you learn from a college,

But practical thoughts from people who know
The best way to navigate paths through the snow.

I sat back to reflect what these riddles could mean
For the best place to go, these tidings to glean?

It seemed that the answer was easy, or was it?
So rather than guess things, I thought we’d discuss it.

But busy was he to get through his long list,
Which left me alone to ponder the jist.

Then he called out to Blitzen and Comet and Prancer,
For he knew where I’d soon enough locate the answer:

The very last item he pulled from his sack
Was the card with the name of my friend who sells Fac. 

Very best wishes to you and yours for a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year…from all your friends who sell Fac...


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