What Happens When the Lights Go Out? [Presentation]

June 18, 2015| Von Leo Ronken | Property | English

What happens to society when critical infrastructure fails? Imagine the effect of a large-scale failure in the power network on telecommunications, healthcare and the water supply. How would the emergency services cope?

As the population expands and urban areas continue to grow, so does our reliance on critical infrastructure. At the same time, exposure to extreme weather events, cyber terrorist attacks and space weather is increasing.

Back-up facilities typically last only a few days. A recent survey by the German government suggests that a widespread blackout could lead to the collapse of essential services after just 48 hours.

The financial impact of a blackout for insurers could be significant and unexpected. Many insurers are not even aware they are providing cover against the consequences of blackouts. Are you?

View this SlideShare to learn more about blackouts, why we’re more vulnerable to them and what we can do to reduce the risks.



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