Why Life Insurers Should Expect More From Gen X [Whitepaper]

September 27, 2016| Von Heidi Alpren | Life | English

Region: North America

Comparing the generations, we’ve been conditioned to believe that Gen X just doesn’t matter. After all, they’re the smallest cohort (66 million compared to 75 million Millennials).1 They are also fiercely independent and tend to be distrustful, making them difficult consumers to sell to and gain brand loyalty. When it comes to Life insurance, they tend to be underinsured, but with increasing responsibilities as the new “sandwich generation,” their interest level and value placed on insurance is changing. They have much to gain in being adequately covered.

Download our white paper for further discussion of the reasons Life insurers should target the Gen X customer, and how they can do so more effectively.

  1. Pew Research Center, 2016.


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