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  • Changes in Cancer Classification - How Do They Impact Critical Illness Insurance?

    Von Tim Eppert Jul 14, 2020 | English | Français

    What is a cancer - and what is not? While the answer to this question is obvious in many cases, it is not always straightforward. A disease is deemed as malignant or cancerous when there is an uncontrolled growth of cells that is invasive, i.e., the cells...

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  • Critical Illness Insurance Fast Facts [Infographic]

    Von Steve Rowley Oct 19, 2015 | English

    From time to time we’re asked why an individual should buy Critical Illness insurance. After all, isn’t that why we have health insurance? The unfortunate fact is that few (if any) of us have the comprehensive, low deductible or co-pay plans that were...

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  • Critical Illness Experience Studies

    Von Steve Rowley Dec 21, 2013 | English

    Once an insurance product is developed and sold, the next challenge is maintaining profitability while remaining competitive and relevant to the needs of the market. As a comparative newcomer to the U.S. life insurance industry, Critical Illness products...

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  • Individual Critical Illness Application Development

    Von Steve Rowley Nov 04, 2013 | English

    An application for insurance is one of the most critical risk management tools available to an insurer. In the case of Critical Illness insurance, it is sometimes the only tool available for risk selection and usually the only document incorporated...

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